Rocksmith: Og vinneren er...

Seiersherrene i Battle Of Scandinavia er kåret!


So, we have entered the final week.

This competition has been about testing how Rocksmith 2014 Edition can help develop guitar and bass skills – even for experienced musicians.

We have tested the bands over 5 weeks where they had to play different songs from the Rocksmith track list found by the community through voting.

In the first week of this Rocksmith 2014 battle, the bands were told to pick the band member whom they thought would improve their guitar skills the most by playing Rocksmith 2014 during the Battle of Scandinavia.

First, the bands were introduced to Rocksmith 2014 Edition by playing Alice In Chains' epic guitar monster "Stones".  Sparzanza chose their bass player Johan Carlsson, The Airborne Highfives sent their guitarist, Odd Erlandsen, and The Broken Beats prepared frontman Kim Munk, and sent him to battle.

In the following weeks you, community have chosen to test the bands in songs by System of A Down, Muse, The Rolling Stones, and R.E.M.

In this final week of the battle we challenged the bands to play Alice In Chains once again. To keep them motivated, we are doubling the difference between the scores.

See here is how it all went!


Before this week, the total score for each band was:

1. The Airborne Highfives (Norway): 4.617.154

2. Sparzanza (Sweden): 802.076

3. The Broken Beats (Denmark): 584.940

The Norwegians were WAY ahead, so the other bands really had to put in an effort.

The differences between week 1 and week 6 were to be doubled. The Airborne Highfives guitarist scored only 29.383 in the first week of the battle. Since then we have seen the band work really hard and the effort has paid off. With record setting scores of more than 1 million points some weeks the band has really fought hard in this battle. In this final week of battle, Odd Erlandson scored 112.641, adding 166.516 to the band score.

The Broken Beats front man Kim Munk had to really work on his Alice In Chains skills, if the Danish band should have any hopes of not finishing last. He scored 104.598 points in the first round. At the end he managed to more than double his score. The final score was 291.383. Kim adds 373.570 points to the score of The Broken Beats.

The Swedish Rockers in Sparzanza who have been touring and recording an album during the battle, seems to have managed to rehearse some Rocksmith in between all the concerts and recording sessions. In the first week, bass-player, Johan Carlsson scored 65.274, but in this final week he scored a whopping 770.108 points.
He adds 1.409.668 points (!!) to the bands score! Amazing.

Soooo, here we are, at the end of the EPIC Rocksmith 2014 Battle of Scandinavia!

The final score is:

1. The Airborne Highfives (Norway): 4.783.670

2. Sparzanza (Sweden): 2.211.744

3. The Broken Beats (Denmark): 958.510.

THE WINNER IS: The Airborne Highfives!!!

All in all the past five weeks have shown that everyone can improve their guitar and bass playing skills with Rocksmith 2014 Edition. From beginner to professional – Rocksmith 2014 Edition is the fastest way to learn guitar and bass.